What Is The China Beige Book™?

Adapted from methodology used by the U.S. Federal Reserve's "Beige Book," The China Beige Book™ is an 80 page quarterly report that uses both quantitative and qualitative data to track real-time conditions within the Chinese economy, both regionally as well as within each of eight key industries within each region.

In addition to providing clients with real-time growth, employment, wage, and inflation data that is often months (if not quarters) ahead of lagging official data, the China Beige Book™ provides a uniquely granular window into China‚Äôs historically opaque credit environment. China Beige Book™ is the first analytical report to ever use country-wide, independently-collected data to track China's shadow banking universe, allowing it to break down the country's non-bank (unofficial) lending rates not just nationally or by region, but also for each sector and sub-sector within each region, as well as for other categories such as firm size or export/import concentration.

Using this approach, China Beige Book™ has solved the most critical issues puzzling China watchers for decades: What is true cost of capital in the Chinese economy? How is it being accessed? And who or what are able to access it over time?

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