Why The China Beige Book™?

Accurate, up-to-date information on China's economy is notoriously difficult to come by. Official statistics exist, but they lack transparency and their credibility has long been called into question. Reliable data at the regional level is non-existent. Combined with the difficulty of accessing credible industry-specific information, there has never been an analytical product commercially available that could provide fresh, in-depth, and independent data on the full expanse of the Chinese economy — until now.

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Using methodology adapted from the U.S. Federal Reserve's "Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions," popularly known as ‘The Beige Book’, the China Beige Book™ is a comprehensive quarterly report that breaks down China's economy by region, industry and sub-sector-and then tracks how these areas change over time. It is designed to present the most accurate snapshot possible of real-time conditions within the various regional economies and key industries — and, by extension, the nation's economy as a whole.

Unlike virtually all other analysis on the Chinese economy, the China Beige Book™ relies exclusively on its own independent data, which includes survey data from over 2,000 Chinese firms each quarter, in-depth interviews across each of its regions and sectors, and a separate banker survey (the first of its kind). It is now the largest national survey of a closed economy ever conducted.

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